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Orchid Feeding & After Care


Orchids are notoriously weak feeders and a solution of one-quarter to half strength orchid fertilizer is all most plants need.

A blend 30/20/20 is best for plants potted in a bark mix, as the bark will neutralise the nitrogen and a blend of 20/20/20 mix for most other orchids.

There are two types of feed, each formulated for a particular task:

  • Orchid Bloom – to maximize flowering.

  • Orchid growth – to encourage vigorous growth.

Women's gloved hands prune and transplan
Gardener hand with scissors pruning orch

After Flowering

  • Deadhead flowers and sheaths, but take care not to damage the pseudobulb from where the inflorescence grew.

  • Phaleanopsis, the flower spike will have grown from between the leaves on the plant body, it should be cut back to an inch of where it appeared.

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